Discography & Reviews

Recordings featuring Paul Klinefelter

on bass guitar and double bass
made in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

with links to online stores (with music samples) and reviews.
Some older recordings are no longer available.

DUO featuring Ron Thomas and Paul Klinefelter

Read the review by Victor L. Schermer

Check out this review by Budd Kopman. And this review by Dan McClenaghan.

Lost World Tango Lost World Tango Nick Ruffini's Pressin' On Night Mood I Saw It Comin'

Roger Girke, Piece of Work, 2013, RG3 Records

REVIEW of Paul Klinefelter & Jim Ridl at Rollers

Venissa Santi, Big Stuff, 2013, full LP version, Sunnyside Records

PRESS RELEASE for Venissa Santi's Big Stuff

Suzzette Ortiz, Renacer, 2013

REVIEW of Suzzette Ortiz' Renacer

The Joe Mullen Quartet, Lost World Tango, 2011, Vectordisc Records

REVIEW of Lost World Tango

Nick Ruffini, Pressin' On, 2011, Vectordisc Records

REVIEW of Pressin' On

Paul Klinefelter, Night Mood, 2009, Vectordisc Records

REVIEW of Night Mood

Johnny DeFrancesco Power Trio, I Saw It Comin’, 2009, Vectordisc Records

Ron Thomas + Paul Klinefelter, Blues For Zarathustra, 2008, Art of Life Records

REVIEW of Blues for Zarathustra by Elliott Simon

REVIEW of Blues for Zarathustra by Budd Kopman

Mike Westcott, Live At Vincent’s, 2008

Blues for Zarathustra Under The Burning Sky Where The Jade Buddha Lives Worrisome Heart

Lizanne Knott, Under The Burning Sky, 2007, Run-Around Music

Denis DiBlasio, Where The Jade Buddha Lives, 2007, Art of Life Records

REVIEW of Where The Jade Buddha Lives by Dan McClenaghan

Melody Gardot, Worrisome Heart, 2006-2008, Verve

Christine Campbell, Forgotten Songs, 2006, Wolf Song Creations

Kayle Brecher, Spy Music, 2005, Penchant Four Records

Erik Mitchell, All These Words, 2005

Ron Thomas Trio, Music In Three Parts, 2004, Art of Life Records

REVIEW of Music in Three Parts

Papa John DeFrancesco, Walking Uptown, 2004, Savant

REVIEW of Rowan University Percussion Ensemble, Nosferatu, 2002, Dreambox Media

Christine Campbell, Earth Tracks, 2001, Spirit Wolf Productions

Bob Fanelli, Mood Swings, 2001, Consensus Music

Mindy Rhodes, Blush, 2001

Johnny DeFrancesco Power Trio, Live!, 2000, Horseplay Records

The Reese Project, Blue Etude, 2000, Wyndfall Records

Mark Dunn, Mark Dunn, 1999

Don Johnson, Ship Of Dreams, 1998, Blue River Music

Kristin Garson, Music Under The Influence, 1998, Vectordisc Records

Archie Cheechoo, Child Of The North, 1998

Don Glanden, Only Believe, 1998, Cadence Jazz Records

Rowan University Jazz Faculty & Rowan U. Lab Band, 1997, Dreambox Media

Eileen Duffy, Simply Standards, 1997

Terry Klinefelter, Simple Gifts, 1996, Turpal Music

Ella Csircsu, Rare Breed, 1995

Ray Hansell, Sinatra Swing Songs, undated

John McCullough, Blue In Green, undated, Liberty Music

Michelle Leigh, Alone Together, undated

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